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Aug 2003  *  47 Open content and value creation
Jul 2004  *  30 The educated blogger: Using weblogs to promote literacy in the classroom
Jun 2004  *  30 The educated blogger: Using Weblogs to promote literacy in the classroom
Jun 2003  *  27 A social network caught in the Web
Jan 2003  *  25 The Usability of Open Source Software
Dec 2003  *  24 Phantom authority, self-selective recruitment and retention of members in virtual communities: The case of Wikipedia
Aug 2003  *  24 The Augmented Social Network: Building identity and trust into the next-generation Internet
Sep 2003  *  16 An exploration of predatory behaviour in cyberspace
Jan 2004  *  15 On the economy of Web links: Simulating the exchange process
Dec 2003  *  15 Effective use: A community informatics strategy beyond the Digital Divide
May 2003  *  15 What is a library anymore, anyway?
Feb 2003  *  15 Collaborative development of open content: A process model to unlock the potential for African universities
Jan 2004  *  14 Do Web search engines suppress controversy?
Feb 2004  *  12 Potential legal challenges to the application of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) in public libraries
Jan 2004  *  12 Spinning yarns around the digital fire: Storytelling and dialogue among youth on the Internet
Sep 2004  *  11 Is copyright necessary?
Feb 2003  *  11 Cyborg logs and collective stream of (de)consciousness
Jan 2004  *  10 Altruistic individuals, selfish firms? The structure of motivation in Open Source software
Dec 2003  *  10 The Internet and the right to communicate
Sep 2003  *  10 The many paradoxes of broadband
Mar 2004  *  9 Do you 'google'? Understanding search engine use beyond the hype
Feb 2004  *  9 Digital music and subculture: Sharing files, sharing styles
Dec 2003  *  9 The digital divide: Why the "don’t-wants-tos" won’t compute: Lessons from a New Zealand ICT project
Mar 2003  *  9 Leaderless resistance today
Nov 2004  *  8 Gifting technologies
Jul 2004  *  8 Evolution of the Linux Credits file: Methodological challenges and reference data for Open Source research
Jun 2004  *  8 Evolution of the Linux Credits file: Methodological challenges and reference data for Open Source research
Oct 2003  *  8 Democratizing software: Open source, the hacker ethic, and beyond
Oct 2003  *  8 Copyright and authors
Jun 2003  *  8 The dead poets society: The copyright term and the public domain
Jun 2003  *  8 Business models of news Web sites
May 2003  *  8 The International Childrens Digital Library: Description and analysis of first use
Mar 2003  *  8 The processed book
Dec 2003  *  7 Internet gift economies: Voluntary payment schemes as tangible reciprocity
Oct 2003  *  7 Studying special collections and the Web
Sep 2003  *  7 Writing photo captions for the Web
Aug 2003  *  7 A social ecology of wireless technology
May 2003  *  7 Creating the Digital Future
Dec 2004  *  6 Artists’ earnings and copyright: A review of British and German music industry data in the context of digital technologies
Jul 2004  *  6 Escher Staircases on the World Wide Web
Jun 2004  *  6 Escher Staircases on the World Wide Web
Feb 2004  *  6 Factors affecting the use of open source software in tertiary education institutions
Jan 2003  *  6 A Gendered World: Students and Instructional Technologies
Sep 2004  *  5 Lost in gallery space: A conceptual framework for analyzing the usability flaws of museum Web sites
Mar 2004  *  5 An analysis of regional and demographic differences in United States Internet usage
Mar 2004  *  5 Finders, keepers? The present and future perfect in support of personal information management
Jan 2004  *  5 Globalization of prurience: The Internet and the degradation of women and children
Oct 2003  *  5 Victims of cyberstalking: An exploratory study of harassment perpetrated via the Internet
Sep 2003  *  5 The current status and potential development of online news consumption
Sep 2003  *  5 Wireless Internet connectivity for developing nations
Jul 2003  *  5 A copyright cold war? The polarized rhetoric of the peer-to-peer debates
Jul 2003  *  5 Search engine personalization: An exploratory study
Apr 2003  *  5 Consumers on the Web: Identification of usage patterns
Aug 2004  *  4 Refuting objections to a Global Rural Network (GRNet) for developing nations
Oct 2003  *  4 Factors of regional/national success in Information Society developments
Sep 2003  *  4 Curtailing online education in the name of homeland security
Jul 2003  *  4 The "grey digital divide": Perception, exclusion and barriers of access to the Internet for older people
May 2003  *  4 Issues in sustainability: Creating value for online users
May 2003  *  4 Business model issues in the development of digital cultural content
Mar 2003  *  4 Connection discrepancies: Unmasking further layers of the digital divide
Feb 2003  *  4 A study of Internet usage in Nigerian universities
Sep 2004  *  3 Asynchronous discussion groups as Small World and Scale Free Networks
Aug 2004  *  3 E-learning and language change - Observations, tendencies and reflections
May 2004  *  3 Building on success, forging new ground: The question of sustainability
Feb 2004  *  3 Factors affecting Internet development: An Asian survey
Nov 2003  *  3 Coding the classroom: Technology and the practice of language
Sep 2003  *  3 Giving E-mail back to the users
Jun 2003  *  3 Analyzing the Taxonomy of Internet Business Models Using Graphs
May 2003  *  3 The Lowell Observatory Public Astronomical Research Center
Aug 2004  *  2 Seeking an educational commons: The promise of open source development models
May 2004  *  2 Lessons from the Silurian: On digitization and the human element
Mar 2004  *  2 The tensions of securing cyberspace: The Internet, state power and The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
Feb 2004  *  2 Abstract identifiers, intertextual reference and a computational basis for recordkeeping
Dec 2003  *  2 Hate and peace in a connected world: Comparing MoveOn and Stormfront
Dec 2003  *  2 The Linux managing model
Dec 2003  *  2 Licence fees and GDP per capita: The case for open source in developing countries
Nov 2003  *  2 e-Government, e-Society and Jordan: Strategy, theory, practice, and assessment
Aug 2003  *  2 The ecology the connecticon
Apr 2003  *  2 Belonging and diaspora: The Chinese and the Internet
Feb 2003  *  2 Cybermethods: An assessment
Sep 2004  *  1 Cons in the panopticon: Anti-globalization and cyber-piracy
Aug 2004  *  1 The devil you don’t know: The unexpected future of Open Access publishing
Aug 2004  *  1 Ideology and policy: Notes on the shaping of the Internet
May 2004  *  1 Imaging Pittsburgh: Creating a shared gateway to digital image collections of the Pittsburgh region
May 2004  *  1 The role of museums in online teaching, learning, and research
May 2004  *  1 CAMEO: A free Internet reference on materials used in the production and conservation of historic and artistic works
Apr 2004  *  1 Lawfully surfing the Net: Disabling public library Internet filters to avoid more lawsuits in the United States
Apr 2004  *  1 Release criteria for the Linux kernel
Mar 2004  *  1 Black star: Ghana, information technology and development in Africa
Oct 2003  *  1 Using the Internet to enable developing country universities to meet the challenges of globalization
Jul 2003  *  1 Expressiveness and conformity in Internet-based polls
Jul 2003  *  1 Information politics: The story of an emerging metadata standard
Jun 2003  *  1 Toward a Model of Information Policy Analysis: Speech as an Illustrative Example
Apr 2003  *  1 The impact of cybercafes on information services in Uganda
Jan 2003  *  1 Digitizing Old Photographs for the Web
Jan 2003  *  1 Combat Power and Enterprise Competitiveness
Jan 2003  *  1 Open Networks, Closed Regimes
Jan 2006     Evolutionary information seeking: A case study of personal development and Internet searching
Jul 2005     Less is more in Web search interfaces for older adults
Jul 2005     Usability@90mph
Apr 2005     Virtual dissection and physical collaboration
Mar 2005     The democratic divide
Feb 2005     New approaches to television archiving
Jan 2005     The social structure of free and open source software development
Jan 2005     A framework for Internet archeology: Discovering use patterns in digital library and Web–based information resources
Jan 2005     Reflecting on the digit(al)isation of music
Jan 2005     The media’s portrayal of hacking, hackers, and hacktivism before and after September 11
Jan 2005     What’s the Buzz about? An empirical examination of Search on Yahoo!
Jan 2005     Can many agents answer questions better than one?
Jan 2005     Sensible design principles for new networks and services
Sep 2004     Internet time and the reliability of search engines
Aug 2004     Who benefits from the digital divide?
Jul 2004     Disney through the Web looking glass
Jul 2004     Pirates, sharks and moral crusaders: Social control in peer-to-peer networks
Jul 2004     The mentality Of Homo interneticus: Some Ongian postulates
Jun 2004     Pirates, sharks and moral crusaders: Social control in peer-to-peer networks
Jun 2004     Disney through the Web looking glass
Jun 2004     The mentality of Homo interneticus: Some Ongian postulates
May 2004     On My Mind: Commentary on Web-Wise
May 2004     Can technology make the recommendations of learning science practical and affordable?
May 2004     Building semantic bridges between museums, libraries and archives: The CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model
May 2004     Choosing the components of a digital infrastructure
May 2004     The power and problems of public media
May 2004     Keynote at The Field Museum
Apr 2004     Fundamental issues with open source software development
Apr 2004     The state of copyright activism
Apr 2004     The Internet in developing nations: Grand challenges
Feb 2004     United Kingdom adoption agency Web sites
Nov 2003     Digital rights management and the breakdown of social norms
Nov 2003     The use of the Internet for political action by non-state dissident actors in the Middle East
Nov 2003     The open code market
Nov 2003     Acquiring goods and services via the Internet: Consumer shopping perceptions
Oct 2003     Self-representation and the intersection of gender and ethnicity on the Web
Jul 2003     The impact of digital games in education
Apr 2003     Managing Internet gambling in the workplace
Apr 2003     How many community technology centers are there in the United States?
Feb 2003     Electronic citizenship and global social movements
Feb 2003     Reconciling interiors: The screen as installation
Feb 2003     E-media in development: Combining multiple e-media types
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