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THE Zoom Demo (04 Sep 2003)
Interface specialists are fond of saying that today's GUIs have "direct manipulation" of objects. For example, pulling an icon for a document into the trash is called "direct manipulation" of that document. But it is indirect, you don't act on the object, but on a stand-in for the object, namely its icon. In THE, you act on the thing itself, and would simply select and delete it.

Another example is with web sites. When one refers you to another page or section, you get a link on which you can click. With THE's zooming interface, instead of a link, you have the page itself there. We can only show bitmaps in this demo, so not all links have their referents there, but a few do to give you the idea.

Unfortunately this is just a demo. In a full implementation, objects and sites would be functional when you zoomed in on them. In the present demo, you just get to see them.

The demo does not run as smoothly as we'd like, and Flash has some difficulties at extreme magnifications. Please ignore these problems for now.
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