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Tech Spec (22 Nov 2004)
The programmer can, of course, create other input behavior, but the user should never be forced to reply before proceeding with other tasks (that would be modal and annoying) although the particular program that is requesting input may not be able to proceed without the input. The system should not be rendered unusable just because a program is waiting for input as now happens with many GUI dialog boxes.

If there are multiple programs executing, the REPLY command directs the input to the most recent notification before the command quasimode was entered. Again, the programmer can specify other behavior, or even supply a new command for their program so that the user can respond without having to respond to a later request for information first.

The request for input should be specified by a transparent message which specifies the name of the task requesting it; if the user dismisses the message (replied to or not) it is put into the Messages area. Executing the REPLY command leaves the selection selected.
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