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Jef Raskin Center for Humane Interface gets $2 million in start-up funding (13 Jan 2005)
It will take time to create an upheaval in the computer industry, but Raskin believes the Humane Interface concept is clearly the future. "It all revolves around the basic principles in 'The Humane Interface' book," he says. "Most people are puzzled by cell phones; they're almost frightened. If you want to make it a hobby, technology is easy, but a lot of people are looking for something different."

Raskin doesn't advocate giving up on complex technology, but he believes there is a huge, underserved market for simplicity. "Don't give up on the fancy stuff, but also offer phones that are simple and easy to use," he says. "There will be a certain percentage of people who will be overjoyed at having something simpler."
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