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Infomania at Summit '05 (15 Jun 2005)
Characterizing a summit is difficult but there are numerous attempts from bloggers, which you can find from a quick search of Google or by pointing your browser to the conference site ( We all have our own interpretations of what happened (I really enjoy Peter Boersma’s take on events, and the comments from others that it solicited; see, but I could not move far from discussions of the death of the page metaphor, the nature of genres in a digital world, content management and lots of talk about enterprise-wide IA of one sort or another. Of course the “What is IA?” debate reared its head again through some rather emphatic claims (unchallenged, surprisingly) that experience design is greater than IA, though I did round on that claim in my keynote. Similarly, I was very pleasantly surprised to hear so many mentions of ethics over the weekend. This discussion is new, and there is a slow realization in the field that the choices we make as designers are not value-free.
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